Saint Catherine’s Chapel

It belongs to the Azcona municipality.  It is one of the most interesting rural Romanesque buildings of the Estella Region.

Dated from the late twelfth century.  Cistercian influences,

Saint Catherine’s Chapel

Turismo Navarra Ermita De Santa Catalina De Alejandria

It has a unique rectangular room with three semicircular sections, articulating the different sections by powerful transverse sections that lower brackets in simple stones.

In the same section there is a double triumphal arch and its is supported by thick pillars with half-columns attaced, whose capitals are decorated with several scenes:  Christ amongst winged lions, from the Gospel and a centaur armed with a bow and fighting with a knight who is protecting a lady.


Contact: Charo Apesteguia
Location: between Azcona and Arizaleta
Dates: Every day of the year
Price: € 2 for groups, others consult
Telephone: (+34) 948536318 / 646185264