Alba Reta Livestock Farming

The farm was founded in 1998, and is located between Tejería and Valmayor in the municipal boundary of Grocin, covering an area of 100 hectares.

The management of grazing in livestock farming is performed by rotation using the 6 yards that make up the farm.

The farm has a small bull ring for amateur bull fights, crowding yards, headgates and squeezes for sanitation purposes and loading chutes.  

The automatic cattle feeder is a new development on this young farm

Alba Reta Livestock Farming

Conservacion De La Casta Navarra Ganaderia Alba Reta

The protection of Navarre breed is a top priority

The genetic diversity is based on one of seven specific characteristics needed to be considered a pure bred of Lidia breed cattle (used for bull fights).

The protection of Navarre breed is a top priority as is the recovery of the characteristics of modern Lidia breed cattle.  This ensures two branding irons belonging to the National Association of livestock of Lidia breed cattle owners denominated Alba Reta and César Reta, are used in traditional festivities and in bull fighting.

One facet of diversification that takes place on the farm is the organisation of “capeas” (amateur bull fights) and guided tours.  

Groups of minimum of 30 people, are offered a “capea” with a degustation menu of the finest products typical from the local area or the valley.


Address: Paraje de la tejería s/n. Grocín (Valle de Yerri).
Phone (+34) 948541055 / (+34) 669888897
Fax: (+34) 948013051