Access points

The only way to directly access the Valleys is via the roads of the Autonomous Community of Navarre.

The Urbasa-Andía Valleys have three access roads:  Estella-Logroño (to the west), from Sakana-Basque Country (to the north) or from Pamplona.  This is by using the roads from Pamplona or Estella from the south.

Geocaching Tierras De Irantzu

Access by car

  • Access from the north, using the road linking Estella to San Sebastian (N-120) that crosses the Valley from north to south.
  • Access from Estella, by using the road N-120, the A-12, better known as the “Camino de Santiago” (the Way of Saint James) highway or the Pamplona-Estella-Logroño freeway.
  • Access from Pamplona, there are two possibilities.  The A-12, which has a direct access to the Yerri Valley, Guesálaz and Abárzuza, using exit number 34, an entry point to Arizala, Abárzuza, Guesalaz Valley, Lezaun and Salinas de Oro.  The other access point to the Valleys is via the mountain pass of Etxauri using the NA-700, which crosses the Valley from east to west.  Or...

Access by bus

The transport company “La Estellesa” makes stops at different locations in the Irantzu Region.  For more information please call “La Estellesa” (+34) 948 550 127 – (+34) 948 222 223 – (+34) 943 470 115.  The web page is:

Access by plane:

The nearest airport is in Pamplona (Noáin) 45 kilometres away.
Other nearby airports are the Airport at Bilbao (Loiu) 165 kilometres away, in San Sebastian (Hondarribia) 143 kilometres away, in Vitoria (Foronda) 98 kilometres away, in Logroño (Agoncillo) 58 kilometres away, the airport of Zaragoza 182 kilometres away, and in Santander (Parayas) 246 kilometres away.