Cross of Mauriain

Hiking trail Cross of Mauriain

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
10,34 km 313 mt 2:21 H A pie o a caballo, sin dificultad SL NA - 184
Ruta Cruz Muniain 01

A pleasant walk amongst the oak trees that coincides with “El Camino de Santiago” the Way of Saint James and “La Cañada Real Tauste-Andía” the cattle trail Tauste-Andía.

We start the tour from the main plaza in the village of Lorca towards Estella, where we can park.  The tour is in the shape of a racquet.  Leaving from Lorca, we take the path of the Way of Saint James parallel to the Pamplona-Logroño freeway to the intersection with the cattle trail Tauste-Andía.  We turn to the left and walk up the cattle trail up to “la Cruz del monte Maurién o Mauriáin” the Cross of the mountain Mauriain where you can enjoy magnificent views in all directions and use the picnic area with some trees.

As we continue along the cattle trail, we seem as if we are travelling along a dry river bed.

This is due to the transhumance that has made the rocks emerge to the surface of the cattle trail.  A peculiar erosion process that has been carved over centuries, by the transit of cattle.

We leave the cattle trail to turn right and take a tractor access trail, abundant in twisted oak trees at the edge of the trail, which leads us to a sheepfold.  Shortly after we arrive at Lorca.

Descripción completa del recorrido

Kilometre 0
We start the tour from the main plaza in the village of Lorca towards Estella.  (The Way of Saint James / Cross of Mauriain 3.1km at km 0.030).  We walk along roadside of the asphalted road to the village.  Just outside the village we take the path of the Way of Saint James that runs parallel to the road.

Kilometre 1.540
Shortly after the crossroad of the road to Lacar, the cattle trail Tauste-Andía crosses the main road, in a way that when our trail meets it; we turn to our left facing South.  Ignoring the Way of Saint James that continues to our right.

Kilometre 1.865
The cattle trail is marked with new milestones, although in some sections you can see the old milestones.  At the fork:  we follow the cattle trail to the left up the smooth path (with field crops to the left and right).  Further ahead we ignore the path the climbs to the right.

Kilometre 2.344
At this point we reach a place where the trail widens and we take the path that looks eroded with a steep climb up to the right of our previous path; this path continues the cattle trail.  The old milestone of the cattle trail is situated to the right in the hill.  A wide panoramic view of Estella, Montejurra, Monjardín, Lóquiz and Urbasa-Andía can be seen.

Kilometre 3.1
We climb up to “la Cruz del Monte Maurién”  the Cross of the mountain Mauriain from where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views in all directions.  Shortly after the cross you can enjoy a magnificent picnic spot on the plain with some trees; a beautiful place to visit and relax.  We return again to the marked cattle trail that takes us to the south side of the Hermoso Mountain amongst oak trees and some crop fields that are still grown in the area (in this section the cattle trail intermingles with a number of other paths that go in the same direction.

Kilometre 3.817
A small waterhole for the livestock to the right of the trail.  Bedrock emerges to the surface of the cattle trail due to the process of erosion caused by the transit of cattle over centuries.  We turn onto the track on the right, which is also a cattle trail can continue straight ahead.

Kilometre 4.875
Further ahead, we brusquely leave the cattle trail, to take a trail that gently climbs to the left; this is the way to Zazolaguibela (track on consolidated land).

Kilometre 5.162
We go down the track of the consolidated land, ignoring the trail that climbs to the left.  On the left you can see the game reserve and far away, high up the Cross of Maurian.

Kilometre 6.525
We ignore the path the climbs up to the right.  A little later we cross the Maurian ravine, and we ignore the paths that climb to the left.

Kilometre 6.985
At the fork in the road:  we continue straight ignoring the path on the right that leads to Lorca.  Further on we ignore the path that climbs to the left and we continue straight ahead.

Kilometre 7.640
Main road

Kilometre 8.212
Arrival at Lorca.  End of tour.

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