Zero Waste Campaign / Recommendations

  • In the Alloz reservoir you can practice any water sport, canoeing, sailing, paddle surfing, etc. personally and always disinfecting any type of boat, previously in the zebra mussel disinfection plant, of the Alloz Reservoir at Camping Aritzaleku.
  • Bathers must make responsible use of the beaches, both from an environmental and a health point of view.
  • Trash has to be taken in all natural areas. Please don't throw out cigarette butts. Do not leave a trace of your stay. Help us preserve our natural areas!
  • The location of personal items, towels, sun loungers and similar items will be carried out in such a way as to guarantee a security perimeter of 2 meters with respect to other users, except in the case of cohabitating bathers, or, failing that, measures alternatives for physical protection, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • It is forbidden to make fire in the Alloz reservoir
  • You cannot park on roads or non-authorized areas. The Lerate and Ugar car parks are the two areas enabled to park in the Alloz Reservoir

Recommendations for Alloz Reservoir and Natural Areas

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Please, responsible waste management in all natural areas is very important to preserve the quality of the experience!