Alloz monastery guesthouse (Alloz)

In the Yerri Valley you can find the Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria de San Jose which was built 50 years ago.  Its importance lies not in its tourist value,  but being  a witness of the presence of God amongst us.

Indeed, the Alloz Monastery, as it is popularly known, was built in 1961 on the foundations of the old Alloz Farm which belonged to the Cistercian Monastery of Irantzu.
It is a place of meditation, silence and prayer, where the sisters who form the community have followed Christ and the gospel, dedicating themselves to the meditation of the sacred Scripture and praise of the Lord, alternating between manual work and craftsmanship, the source of their income.  The monastic congregation in Alloz is the centre of spiritual radiation that helps to keep alive the mystical flame of God that is achieved by inner experience and the light that shines with praying personally to Jesus.
Capacity: 20 people

Capacity: 20 people

Monasterio De Alloz

This spiritual experience is shared throughout the Monastery Guesthouse, for all people looking for profound contact with Christ who want to participate in their life of prayer and retreat.

We also welcome pilgrims completing the Way of Saint James who wish to spend some time in the Monastery and a few people, even if they are non-believers, who feel the need for a few days of silence and reflection.  This is a non for profit place.

Times of worship
Sundays and public holidays:
Mass at 11:00 am
Vespers at 6:30 pm

Work days:
Mass at 7:00 am
Vespers the same as on Sundays

Small craft products can be purchased at the Monastery:

  • Jams
  • Honey from the Valley
  • Ointments made from herbs of the area