Nuts of Navarre

You can find Riezu in a corner to the North of the Yerri Valley.

The Remírez de Ganuza family planted 10 hectares (24.71 acres) of walnut trees from 1995 to 1998.

At the present time, the property has the largest production of nuts in Navarre.  They practice sustainable and integrated farming.  The nuts are produced and packaged in their warehouses.

It is a property where visitors have free access and they can experience what an intensive walnut plantation is in an unparalleled picturesque environment of Riezu and the Yerri Valley.

Nuts of Navarre

Nueces De Navarra Tierras De Iranzu

The cultivated varieties are:

  • Franquette - this variety is used as a pollinator compliment
  • Lara- this variety is suited to this latitude and doesn’t present any health problems so that their cultivation is 100% natural product
  • Harley- this variety has the longest history in Spain and is recognized for the quality of the fruit throughout its history
  • Chadler – is highly valued in confectionary making, its colour and flavour makes it the most appreciated nut.

The culture of planting walnut trees is spread mainly across France where the walnut tree is known as the golden tree.  The walnut tree is highly appreciated for its fruit and wood.

The walnut symbolizes immortality because of its long life.

The Yerri Valley has some specimens that are more than 800 years old.

The nut is yields excellent nutritional and medicinal properties, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E.


Town: Riezu.
Address: C/ Asunción Nº10 Riezu 31176
Contact: Carlos Remirez de Ganuza
Phone: (+34) 619147998
E-mail: /

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