Hiking trail Dulantz

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
18,99 km 616 mt 5:41 H A pie, dificultad moderada SL-NA-180 y PR-NA-181-A
Ruta Dulantz 02

This tour passes through the Dulantz Mountain.

The tour begins in the vicinity of the Irantzu River, at the foot of the crags of Sorozarra, where you can park.  The tour is in the shape of a racquet.

At the beginning of the path we are able to see interesting geological formations and capricious shapes of the bolders of Iranzu.  We continually climb upwards walking into a well preserved forest of first oak trees and then later beech trees, till we reach the plain of Portandia, from here we climb the Dulantz mountain with great views of the Urbasa and Andía mountain range.

We retrace our steps down the mountain to the forrest and we take the Lizarrate trail to arrive at Gallatur, here we have magnificent views of Larraiza and Legarobi.

Finally we return to the track we used to climb up the mountain and return to the starting point.

Complete description of the route

Kilometre 0
We begin the tour at the trail next to the Irantzu River, which starts at the Monastery.  At the final leg of this trail, the Donepetri trail begins, to the right (the start information panel).  This gravel trail climbs between the slopes of the crags of Sorozarra to the right and Gallatur to the left, surrounded by oak trees.  At kilometre 0.80 the forest transforms into beech trees and the path alternates between concrete and stones.

Kilometre 1.10
At this point we find a forest trail, to the right; however, we don’t take it and continue on our trail, which runs through the middle of the forest till...

Kilometre 1.3
... we reach a fork.  At this point, we take the path climbing to the right (the main and more clearly marked), however, on the way back we return by descending on the path on the left.  We continue to climb through the beech forest until...

Kilometre 1.4
... we find a path that comes from the left.  And we continue straight...

Kilometre 2.2
... until we find again a path that comes from the left.  We follow our trail, until we reach a fork.

Kilometre 3.9
We take the good solid path to the left.  We climb, amongst the beech forest, arriving at a clearing in the forest.

Kilometre 4.3
If we continue straight, on the same path which is now stone, we will reach the summit of Dulanz (1,241 metres), going around the “Alto de la Nevera” the lookout of Falaguera.  This path passes by a beech tree plantation, until we reach a stone wall to the right of the path, 5.3 kilometres later (parallel to the path), that coincides with the milestone.  Following the trail and having the wall as a reference we arrive to another clearing.

Kilometre 6.10
At this point you can see the other side of the other side of the wall (on the right), some shacks and a metal gate (Portillo de Urritzaga) and on the left the “alto de la Nevera” the lookout of Falaguera.  We cross the clearing to reach the slopes of the summit of Dulanz.

Kilometre 7.10
We climb the mountain until we reach the top.  We go back down the same way.  Until we arrive...

Kilometre 9.90
... at the first clearing (kilometre 4.30).  Here we leave the trail we used to climb up the mountain to the left, and continue along a grassy path, marked as a red and white route, that crosses the clearing, on the right side.  This trail descends through the forests and clearings.

Kilometre 10.20
After about 300 meters of clearing, there is a fork.  We take the path to the right, where there is a stone slab.  The track now runs between juniper trees, roses and some beech trees.  We continue descending, between an open forest, with a lot of light and with the summit of Dulanz to the right.

Kilometre 11.7
We reach another fork.  We follow the forest track to the left until...

Kilometre 12
... we arrive at the point where we began the climb at kilometre 1.3.  We continue down until...

Kilometre 13.1
... we reach the starting point.