Urrizaga cheese factory

Guided tour of the Urrizaga cheese factory

With the taste of yesteryear, each day, our endeavour is to continue manufacturing a cheese with the taste of fields and mountains.  The surrounding fields and pastures of Sierra de Urbasa (the mountain range of Urbasa), provide a home for the sheep to graze in peace and tranquillity which allows them to give us an intense, clean and healthy milk.

This milk is then elaborated into cheese using the attentive traditions of our ancestors, so that whoever tries the cheese can appreciate all the flavours, tastes, smells and textures that this intense and natural milk provides our cheese every day.

Our cheese has been awarded with different prizes, (from various well-known cheese contests), which we want to share with anyone who appreciates and knows “our cheese”.

D.O. Idiazabal

Queseria Urrizaga Turismo Rural Navarra Idiazabal

Structure of the tour

  • Reception of visitors at the cheese factory
  • Photographic exhibition about of cheese creation and the life of the shepherds in the mountains
  • Detailed explanation about the exhibition
  • Explanation on the personal experience of shepherds and cheese makers and the experiences and stories of their ancestors
  • Explanation of the process of making cheese
  • Degustation:  Mature “Idiazabal” cheese, freshly made curds made from sheep milk, cottage cheese made from sheep milk, smoked cheeses and “Gazta Zaharra” cream cheese
  • All with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Idiazabal


Contact: Mari Mar Castro Sanz and Miguel Angel Iriarte
Town: Abarzuza (Navarra)
Phone: (+34) 677408635 / (+34) 948520109
E-mail: quesosurrizaga@gmail.com