Tandem winery

The Tandem wine company was founded in January of 2003 by Alicia Eyaralar, José María Fraile and a small group of wine loving families and friends.

Tandem is located in the Yerri Valley at the foot of the Way of Saint James.  The pilgrims pass directly through the wineries own land.

The contemporary building is partly underground and is integrated into the natural environment surrounded by an oak forest, cereal fields and vineyards.
Facing north, the winery is entirely built out of concrete; so naturally, it reaches the optimal temperature for the creation and aging of wine.

A large picture window stands out illuminating the Way of Saint James, recalling the ancient custom at night, where Churches and Chapels once lit up their towers to attract the pilgrims on the way to Compostela.

Tandem winery

Bodega Tandem Int 12

An excellent quality and value wine that enrich the taste buds

On the top floor of the winery, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks with pistons for plunging the cap.

On the lower level, concrete vats are situated where the wines are racked by gravity.

Our wines are aged in 300-litre French oak barrels.
Our wines:  Ars Nova, Ars Mácula, Ars In Vitro, Ars Memoria, Casual

We offer guided tours.

Ars NOVA 2005 was selected on the GOLD List of the Sommelier Wine Awards 2010 for the second year running.  In a series of blind tastings, the best known Sommeliers of the United Kingdom selected a Tandem wine.
Ars MACULA 2004 won gold last year too.
This year there were over 1,250 wines submitted which were blind tasted and 400 of the chosen wines went on to win Silver Medals.
Of those 400 wines that were blind tasted, 130 were selected to form the Gold List for 2010.

The description of the wine tasting was:
“Sweet ripe fruits and spicy dark plums combined with juicy tannins to make an appealing, supple and dense wine.  An excellent quality and value wine that enrich the taste buds.  Another good wine to have with steak or lamb.”  Richard Brooks said.


Contact: Alicia Eyaralar Riera
Acceso: Se llega a Tandem tomando la Salida 34 Valle de Yerri de la Autovía Pamplona Logroño
Phone (+34) 667363646 / (+34) 948536031
E-mail: alicia@tandem.es y bodega@tandem.es
Web: www.tandem.es