Munarriz House (Abarzuza)

It is better known as “el museo de Concha” (the Shell Museum).  It is a private house and it is listed by “Principe de Viana” (part of the Navarre government protecting historic buildings and art in Navarre).  The owners provide guided tours to the room where the General once lived and died, it is preserved intact.

It is open in summer, but there is no specific timetable.  It is better to call in advance:  948 52 00 59.

Casa Munarriz Turismo Rural En Navarra

It has a historic value set in the Carlist War period

Mainly because a few metres away from the house in 1874 the battle was waged in which the General died, known as the “Batalla de Muru” (the battle of Muru).

It has a high multicoloured stone relief from San Sebastian in sixteenth century.  

The carving of San Juan Evangelista, an expert in Roman law, at the end of the sixteenth century.

The carving of Mary Immaculate in the eighteenth century.  

Baroque lying Christ.