La Sacristana honey production

Tasting honey of different flavours

Guided tour of the “Mielería La Sacristana”, honey tasting and tour of the apiary

Discover the secrets of beekeeping management and receive a detailed explanation of work in the apiary and honey extraction.  

All of this is accompanied with tasting honey of different flavours.

Turismo Rural Navarra Mieleria La Sacristana Panal

Guided tours

  • Process of honey extraction
  • Hive management
  • Honey extraction room
  • Process of making honey
  • Visit the beehives in a bee suit and with the proper equipment
  • Tasting of various flavoured honey


Address: Santa Maria de Eguiarte. Lacar - Alloz (Navarra)
Dates: All days
Time: 11:00h.
Price: 3€
Phone: (+34) 660744369 / (+34) 948143384