The Canyon of the River Ubagua

Hiking trail The Canyon of the River Ubagua

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
6,32 km 350 mt 6:11 H A pie, sin dificultad SL NA - 182
Ruta Canon Rio Ubagua 02

Tour one of the most beautiful places of the Yerri Valley and Lezaún.

The walk starts at the campsite of Riezu, where you can park without difficulty.  It is rather a lineal a walk.  We leave from the campsite and go through the village of Riezu.  We cross the bridge over the Ubagua River, where the water slows due to the dam of an old mill, here we take the path to the left through a metal door, behind which we enter into a place of unique beauty near the “Hermitage de San Blas” the Chapel of Saint Blaise.  The sound of the river will accompany us until we reach the source of the Ubagua River.  On occasion, the water level rises due to a new stream a few meters away from the original source, sometimes flooding the trail.

We continue ascending parallel to the river bank where in this section it has converted into a brook, where the first oaks and a bit further on pine trees line the path.  From here we can appreciate magnificent views of the cliffs of the Canyon.  We arrive at Lezáun via the trail of the old laundry house.  After enjoying a short well deserved break in this village we continue the descent through the same way until we reach the campsite at Riezu again.

Complete description of the route

We start at the centre of the village of Riezu (you can also start the tour at the campsite in the village).  We take the road to Iturgoyen (Kilometre 1 on the road)

After crossing the bridge over the Ubagua River here slows due to the dam of an old mill, we turn left crossing a gate, continuing our way along a track in good condition.  285 meters later we ignore a turn-off that climbs to the right.  At kilometre 0.350, the dam is to our left, an area where you can swim and relax.

Stream gauge and hydroelectric power plant to the left; the “Ermita de San Blas” the Chapel of Saint Blaise to the right.  A place of singular beauty.  We ignore the trail to the left, the bridge to the cemetery over the river, and we continue straight on the mail trail.  Ignoring the trail to the right.

We arrive at another concrete bridge that spans the river bed starting from the left bank of the river road; we follow it and pass through a metal gate.  We follow the clear path until it is lost in the river deposits.

 We cross the river and continue along the left side on the narrow path inside the oak trees.  Ignoring the path to the right, we cross the river again, and continue along the banks to the right along a narrow path that appears at the foot of a large oak tree.

 The path runs parallel to a barbed wire fence (1.921 kilometres) and the river bank is to the right, on the left bank the path is full of rock debris and rubble

The trail descends until you get back to the river that has become a stream; we follow the river leaving the rock mass to the left.  We ascend by the well marked path that runs along the left of the banks of the stream (looking from downstream) outlining its path by the Canyon.  Estella to the right (2.655 km).  Magnificent views of the Canyon cliffs.

The path widens up to a reforestation of pine trees to the left (in ascending direction).  We cross the metal gate (3.334 km).  The landscape slowly opening:  grass, oaks, hawthorns, etc.  We ignore the trail to the right.  At the bottom of the Valley we can see some sheds of Lezáun.  We cross the river again, leaving the left water trough.  To the right are huts with lightning rods

We cross the metal gate and continue on a wide gravel track.  To the right the Lezáun treatment plant (lagunaje) at 4.355 km.  To the left, vegetable gardens, fountain and laundry house, a steep slope and arrival at Lezáun.

To return to Riezu, we go back the way we came so that we can savour the aspects of the Canyon we missed on the ascent to Lezáun.

Arrival at Riezu.  End of tour.