Riezu Campsite (Riezu)

Riezu Campsite is situated in a quiet place, along the Ubagua River and next to the beautiful village of Riezu.

The Irantzu Monastery is found near the Campsite, on the Way of Saint James.  Only 15 minutes you can enjoy one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Navarre (Estella-Lizarra).

Riezu Campsite

Camping Riezu Alojamiento Rural Navarra

Synonymous with service

The Riezu Campsite is synonymous with service for those who enjoy direct contact with nature.  We have fully equipped plots, bungalows, multiple bedrooms and free camping areas.

There is a shop, bar, restaurant, playground, recreational and sports swimming pool, etc. with a wide variety of services for everyone to enjoy.

We offer activities directly related with nature, that complete the wide range that we offer.

Capacity:  400 people