Txiritinga sagardo taberna (Riezu)

In the village of Riezu near the Ubagua River and the Erbioz canyon, you can find Txiritinga, a splendid place to be in touch with nature and to enjoy a fantastic day with family, and friends.

In the summer Txiritinga has cultural musical performances, children’s games and recitals...

Txiritinga Sagardo Taberna

Cerveceria Txiritinga Riezu Turismo Rural En Navarra

You can find more information on facebook.com/txiritinga.

It is an ideal place to have boutique and imported beer with “ración” (a small portion) from the menu.
*  Daily menu:  €15 (from midday) which includes starters, main meal, dessert, bread, drinks and coffee
*  “Platos combinados” (mixed grill platters) (served at night)
*  Cider House menu:  €30 (to be ordered 2 days in advance)

Opening hours

From March to the 12th of July
Friday:  17:00 to 1:00
Saturday:  12:00 to 17:00 and 19:00 to 1:00
Summer opening hours:  from the 14th of July to 13th of September
Every day from; 12:00 to 17:00 and 19:00 to 1:00
Concerts and stage performances will be announced


Town: Riezu (Navarra)
Contact: Egoi
Phone: (+34) 617576229
Facebook: facebook.com/txiritinga