Artesanía Bebés Reborn Leonor

In the Yerri Valley, in Riezu, the realistic Reborn dolls are created, made by hand of vinyl and totally artisans. They are made to measure the customer, choosing model, boy or girl with painted hair or grafted hair. In fresh size born or three months.
The dolls weigh 2kg on and measure 50cm on. The paintings used in babies are genesis paintings


Bebés Reborn


  •  Newborn babies born
  • 3-month-old babies
  • Boy or girl
  • Whole body of vinyl or fabric
  • Painted or grafted hair Delivery with suit, diapers, immaculate pacifier and care sheet.
  • Payment facilitie


Town: Riezu.
Address:C/ Asunción Nº10 Riezu 31176
Contact: Leonor Lassa Bellet
Phone: (+34) 636379261 / (+34) 636379261
E-mail: bebesrebornleonor@gmail.comFacebook:

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