Pacharan Azanza winery

The Azanza Company was founded by José María Velasco Azanza Pérez in 1810.  Little by little the company was consolidated and strengthened by achieving major successes.

In 1893 his son, José María Azanza, participated in the Fourth World Fair Exposition in Chicago in 1893 with a sample of their products.

In 1912, another descendent, Mariano, was present at the National Viticulture Congress celebrated in Pamplona, that had a great impact in the sector.  Mariano continued with the family legacy within the world of viticulture and distillation.


Pacharan Azanza Turismo Rural Navarra

In 1925, this activity would end up creating the company Azanza SL (a limited partnership).

In 1995, José María Velasco Azanza introducted the new brand AITEN ETXE.

In 1997, Jesús Velasco López made a selection of new ecotypes to plant in the proximity of Arbárzuza the varieties are authorised by the Regulatory Council.  The new sloe berries are the primary ingredient used by Jesús Velasco to achieve a top of the line pacharán, such as the Azanza JV 1810.

Currently the Azanza products are primarily sold in the Basque Country, they are also represented in the regions of Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, La Rioja, Burgos...


Town: Abárzuza
Address: Carretera San Sebastian, Nº 13 bajo. 31178 Abárzuza
Contact: Tere Arizaleta
Phone (+34) 948520040