Guided visit of Bodegas Pataxaran Azanza

Bodegas Pacharán Azanza

The Bodegas Pacharán Azanza has elaborated their liquors since 1810.  

The company Azanza was founded by José Maria Velasco Azanza Pérez.

Little by little the company was consolidated and strengthened by achieving major successes.
In 1997, Jesús Velasco López made a selection of new ecotypes to plant in the proximity of Arbárzuza the varieties are authorised by the Regulatory Council.  The new sloe berries are the primary ingredient used by Jesús Velasco to achieve a top of the line pacharán, such as the Azanza JV 1810.

Endrinas Pacharan Azanza Abarzuza Turismo Rural Navarra

The visit is organised as follows:

  • Visitor reception at the Winery
  • An explanation is given of the history of pacharán in Navarra and its evolution over time.  A tour of the Winery with explanations of the elaboration processes of pacharán, the different processes, bottling, maceration, etc.
  • Tasting of pacharán cocktail
  • Enjoy the tasting three types of pacharán, discussing the distinct tastes of each variety, ratings and opinions.
  • Visit the sloe berry plantations, to see the different varieties of sloe berries and their tastes, the distinct flavour of each variety, the growing process, picking and traceability of the fruit.  Furthermore, explaining the cultivation of the area and the wonderful natural surroundings, it’s the perfect picture for this visit.



Address: Carretera San Sebastian, 13, Abarzuza (Navarra)
Price: 4€
Duration: 1h
Contact: Tere Arizaleta
Phone: (+34) 948520040
Days: All days