Cattle trail Tauste-Andia

Hiking trail Cattle trail Tauste-Andia

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
11,82 km 203 mt 2:07 H A pie, BTT o a caballo. Dificultad moderada SL NA - 183
Ruta Canada Real Tauste Andia 02

An easy walk at a much visited area of the Yerri Valley overlooking the Alloz Reservoir

The beginning of the walk is at the town of Arizala, where you can park your car next to the fountain.  The walk is a circular trail.

The walk starts along the road that leads to Azcona leaving to the right the Arizala cemetery, surrounded by field crops.

Once we have passed Azcona at the height of the Lezáun crossroad, we reach the “la cañada real” cattle trail Tauste-Andía.  The trail crosses the road and we take a path that climbs up to Úgar.

From there we retrace our steps and branch off via a small trail back to the cattle trail.  At this point you can see good views of the Alloz reservoir, Guesálaz Valley and the crag of Azanza.

There are no trees throughout the walk down the cattle trail, only a few patches of oak trees can be seen at the side of the trail.

We make a right turn onto a path that leads parallel to the cattle trail.

We pass by a large European poplar plantation and continue until we reach the paved road, this is the crossroad that will lead us back to Azcona.

Complete description of the route

We leave from the village plaza of Arizala, next to the fountain.  We take the road that leads to Azcona amongst the field crops (barley, oats and wheat).  Leaving the Arizala cemetery to the right of the road.  There is a safe drinking water fountain to the left next to the water tank.  Further ahead we leave the Azcona cemetery to the left of the road.

We arrive at Azcona.  There is a drinking fountain at the village plaza.  We follow the road.  Further ahead, after leaving the village behind, we ignore the asphalted road to the right of the route.  Shortly after, we ignore the path to the left.  300 meters later we ignore the gravel track to the left.

We arrive at the crossroad that will take us to Lezaun; to the right of the bulwark, the Chapel of Santa Catalina in the distance.  At 300 meters we leave the road to enter the “la cañada real Tauste-Andía” cattle trail Tauste-Andía (you can see the signs of disuse).  The trail takes us to a level area where you can see some recent plantations.  The cattle trail crosses the road, and after about 50 meters in the direction of the petrol station (Casetas de Ciriza), take the path the climbs up between the field crops to Ugar.  To your right you see the irrigation ditch that runs parallel to the cattle trail.  You can see a beautiful view over Ugar, Azcona, Abárzuza and Lezáun.  We pass game reserves in the vicinity of Ugar.  We can hardly see any trees along the entire route of the cattle trail; there are only a few patches of oak trees on the left on the slopes that boarder the cattle trail.

At the crossroads, we turn to the right to enter into Ugar and fill our water bottles at the village fountain.  We retrace our steps back to the crossroad and continue along the cattle trail.  To the right we can see the crag of Azanza and the mountains of the Yerri Valley, to the left the Alloz Reservoir and the Guesalaz Valley.

On the right our trail joins a path from Ugar and a little further on, to the left we arrive at another trail that takes us to the reservoir.  We continue straight untill we reach the next crossroad and we turn to the right, slightly curving away from the reservoir
We take the next turn to the right, which runs parallel to the cattle trail, but in the other direction.  At the next crossroad we turn left; from this new trail we can see most of the villages of the Valley:  Ibiricu, Iruñela, Abárzuza, Azcona.  We pass by a large European poplar plantation and continue until we reach the road (to the right we leave behind some asparagus fields).  Facing us there is a crossroad that will lead us back to Arizala.

Arrival at Arizala, we reach the end of the tour.