Izcue cold meats

Embutidos Izcue is found in Lorca on the path of the Way of Saint James.

At their establishment they create products with a long family tradition built on the expertise of their grandparents and improved products for the enjoyment of all.

The raw materials are of the best quality to create the desired product.

Izcue cold meats

Turismo Rural Navarra Embutidos Izcue


They make:  “txistorra” (spicy sausage), “longaniza” (pork sausages) raw and for cooking, “salchichón” (salami-type sausage), “txorizo” (chorizo), “salchichas” (sausages), the house speciality “relleno” (stuffed rice) or “morcilla blanca” (white pudding) and “morcilla negra” (black pudding).  All products are handmade with modern facilities according to the current health standards.

They also have a wide range of meat products and food, such as “jamón” (dry-cured ham), “tocineta” (bacon) and “gorrin” (suckling pig), from the Yerri Valley.quality. 


Contact: Julio Izcue
Address: C/ carretera de Pamplona Nº 15 Lorca
Phone (+34) 948541080 / (+34) 699189158
E-mail: julioizcue@gmail.com

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