Susperregui cheese factory

Degustation and tour of the cheese factory

A tour of great diversity, enjoy an explanation of herd management and artisanal cheese creation.  

Degustation of different types of “Latxa” sheep milk cheese, curds and cottage cheese, served with bread, wine and cider.

Get to know the shepherds world and cheese-making process in one of Abarzuza’s traditional dairies!

QueseríA Susperregui Visitas Guiadas Turismo Rural En Abarzuza Navarra

Urbasa-Andia mountain range

Enjoy a computer presentation of the life of the shepherds of the Urbasa-Andia mountain range, the herd management, cheese making and the process of cheese making.

Degustation and tour of the cheese factory, offer:  cheese, freshly made curds with honey, nuts, wine and cider.


Location: Abárzuza
Time: 12:00 pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Contact: Juancal Susperregui
Telephone: 948 520 039 / 686 217 050
Price: 4€ adultos 3€ niños