Lezaun winery

A family winery producing organic wines that is situated in Lacar (Navarre).

From 1780, the date of the first written documents found describing the winery, several generations have passed on a good oenology and the wine culture knowledge.  In the early nineties, with the incorporation of a new generation, it is then undoubtedly when the winery had its greatest growth and took on its current appearance.
Bodegas Lezaun is one of Navarra´s pioneer wineries elaborating organic wines and organic viticulture.  The organic agriculture is committed to sustainable development.

Lezaun winery

Turismo Rural Navarra Bodegas

The Bodegas Lezaun has recently been awarded the following prizes:

  • Lezaun Tempranillo 2009, Best Young Wine and Gold Medallist at the ECOVINO competition 2010, held in LA RIOJA last week.
  • Lezaun Tempranillo 2009 is a young wine developed in the traditional method of carbonic maceration, with carefully selected handpicked organic Tempranillo grapes which are native to Spain.

The new medal confirms the good work by Bodegas Lezaun, a small family winery dedicated to the production of quality wines, which are the fruit of the labour of the many generations cultivating and managing the land in harmony with nature.

For more information about the competition:  www.premiosecovino.com

Guided tours, horse-drawn carriage rides through the vineyard

The old cellars are found in the basement of the centenary family home, a 17th century stone-carved building.

Bodegas Lezaun maintain the philosophy of a small family business, equipped with modern technology, with its main objective being the quality of the wine.

Guided tours, horse-drawn carriage rides through the vineyard and wine tasting are available.It houses a grill restaurant where you can enjoy typical local meals.


Town: Lacar (Navarra)
Phone: (+34) 948541339
E-mail: info@lezaun.com
Web: www.lezaun.com