Susperregui cheese factory

Quesería Susperregui is a family business where the tradition of manufacturing cheese to the way we raise the livestock, has been passed down from generation to generation, from my grandfather, to my father and presently to me, Juncal Susperregui.

Thanks to them, they have inherited their great knowledge and love towards the work they did, I realised that this is what I liked about being a shepherdess.

Currently, we own a herd of approximately 400 sheep, of the Latxa breed, which are raised and bred according to the region’s traditions, grazing for six months in the mountain ranges of Urbasa-Andía and another six months in the farmyard stables in the village of Abárzuza.

We produce approximately 4,000 KG of cheese each year from our sheep milk, all of which pass a number of health regulation controls, in a traditional and natural manner - a sign of identity of its distinctive flavour.

A family business

Queseria Susperregui Abarzuza Navarra

Our cheese has many qualities prized by our clients, mainly butchers and restaurants in Navarre and Gyipúzcoa, as well as people from diverse backgrounds who come to the cheese factory located in Arbarzuza.  In fact, we have proof of our cheese travelling to faraway places such as Canada, New York and Japan amongst others.  Fortunately, the quick sale allows us not to go out to trade fairs and craft markets.

At our small cheese factory all the elaboration processes regarding cheese making are performed.  Even though the dimensions of the factory are small, it is equipped with modern facilities, which are open to the public through scheduled guided tours.  The tours explain both old and current livestock customs, the cheese manufacturing process and some other interesting facts.  In addition we supply a great degustation of our products:  cheese, cottage cheese and curds.


Contact: Juncal Susperregui.
Place: Abárzuza
Días: Todos los días con reserva
Price: 4€ adultos 3€ niños
Phone (+34) 686217050 / (+34) 948520039