Guided tour of the Church San Pedro de Lezaun

Guided tour of the Romanesque Church “Pedro de Lezaun” and Emblazoned houses

Belonging to the late Romanesque era, the San Pedro de Lezaun Church is a building full of charm, beauty and attractiveness

The church was built in Romanesque style in the late twelfth century.  The wonderful Romanesque capitals from the early Romanesque era are the highlight, with Mary; we can see the passages of the Annunciation and the dream of Saint Joseph, the Visitation and the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Guided tour

Visita Guiada Iglesia De San Pedro Lezaun Turismo Rural Navarra

During the tour we can enjoy the following things:

  • Introduction to the geography and history of the picturesque Lezaun village.
  • Tour different parts of the Church
  • Visit the emblazoned houses in Lezaun such as “Casa Subiza” and the “Casa Azpilicueta” (Tutor to Saint Francis Xavier, the co-patron saint of Navarre)
  • Tapas and ecological wines from the Lezaun winery


Contact: Charo Apesteguia
Town: Leazun (Navarra)
Price: 2€ to gruops
Phone: (+34) 948536318 / (+34) 646185264