Rock climbing in Eraul

Discover a thrilling and fun adventure sport the safest possible way in the heart of nature, enjoying the spectacular views of the crags of the “San Fausto” mountain from high up.

To get to the crags of the “San Fausto” mountain you will pass though the magical path of the “El Mirador de Lazkua” (the lookout of Lazkua) an enchanted oak trees forest

At the lookout you can find marine fossil remains in the rocks from Eocene period.


Duration: 3h.
Price: 25€, insurance and materials included
Age: From 12 years and above (please inquire for children under the age of 12)
Meeting point: Lavadero de Eraul, Eraul (Navarra)
Phone: (+34) 948555022 / (+34) 647735919
E-mail: /

San Fausto mountain

Escalada En Eraul Turismo Rural En Navarra